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Glove Hook

Lead Time: 30-45 days All Of our products are hand made in the USA when you order them, in the order they were received. We appreciate the patience and your support! It will be worth the wait!

The Glove hook is a simple wa to hang your gloves on a Velcro based system. It integrates with our Citizen Chest Rig in a few different positions and also works with the TQ Holder om place. I usually leave my gloves in the rear pouch on the Cummerbund, but it is difficult to put them back in that pouch while wearing the chest rig, this solves that problem with a simple add on. 


All Components are 100% Made in the USA. 

Made with Mil-Spec #69 bonded nylon thread, Velcro™ hook and loop, Mil-Spec 55301 Webbing,

and ITW Clash hook

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