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TQ Carrier

Lead Time: 30-45 days All Of our products are hand made in the USA when you order them, in the order they were received. We appreciate the patience and your support! It will be worth the wait!

The TQ Holder is a simple way to carry your NAR type Cat Tourniquet. There's a variety of ways to carry a tourniquet, from complicated enclosures down to simple rubber bands. We don't believe this is the ONLY way you should run one, but we saw a need for an easy way to add a TQ to Velcro™ based platforms like our Citizens Chest Rig and other plate carriers. This may hold other TQ types and brands, but the NAR is THE standard and this was designed to specifically fit that brand.


The TQ Holder is a simple assembly with 4" elastic and 4" x 3"  Velcro that holds a NAR Cat TQ where you want it. Anywhere there's Velcro, you can stick this. While designed with our Citizen Chest Rig in mind, this will work most plate carriers and chest rigs that use Velcro. We wanted to have the 4" wide Velcro™ be a little longer than other offerings to give you the ability to have the TQ be a littler lower, so we made it 3" tall. this is especially helpful on belts where this is below magazines and you may want more room. We've also included a 1" x 4" piece of Velcro™ loop to cover some of the hook if its exposed due to being mounted lower.  


All Components are 100% Made in the USA. 

Made with Mil-Spec #69 bonded nylon thread, Velcro™ hook and loop, and Mil-Spec 4" woven nylon elastic.


Here is how to setup the TQ Carrier

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