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Lead Time: 30-45 days All Of our products are hand made in the USA when you order them, in the order they were received. We appreciate the patience and your support! It will be worth the wait!

The (2) Glock (2) 5.56 Carrier is an elastic and Velcro magazine carrier that has (2) double stack 9mm pistol magazine pouches and (2) 5.56 magazine pouches. This can be ordered with the 2 pistol pouches on the left hand or right side (Relative to your body. The right pistol side version will have the 2 pistol magazine pouches on the right side of your body, the left pistol side verison will hve the 2 pistol pouches on your left hand side).


The pistol pouches will fit most double stack 9mm magazines, but were designed specifically for Glock 17 magazines.

(2) Glock (2) 5.56 Carrier

Excluding Sales Tax
  • All the components are 100% Made in the USA

    Made with 4" wide Mil-Spec woven nylon elastic, Velro™ hook and loop, Mil-Spec Cordura, and Mil-Spec bonded nylon #69 thread. 

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