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Lead Time: 30-45 days All Of our products are hand made in the USA when you order them, in the order they were received. We appreciate the patience and your support! It will be worth the wait!

Our EDC belt is a simple take on a belt that is affordable, that is stiff enough to hold your holster in place, but also comfortable enough to enable you to carry every day. Made with 100% made in USA materials. The nylon is not mil spec, but unless you see yourself breaking 5,500 lbs, we think its strong enough. The thread is #69 Mil Spec bonded nylon, and the hook and loop are Mil Spec Velcro. We also use an HDPE plastic stiffener.

EDC Belt

Excluding Sales Tax
  • All the components are 100% Made in the USA

    Made with USA made Nylon webbing, Velro™ hook and loop, a Injection molded rectangle loop, and Mil-Spec bonded nylon #69 thread. 

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