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(2) Glock (2) 5.56 Carrier

Lead Time: 30-45 days All Of our products are hand made in the USA when you order them, in the order they were received. We appreciate the patience and your support! It will be worth the wait!

Ordering Info: When ordering, the Left side pistol verison will have the 2 Glock puches on your left hand side. The right side version will have the 2 Glock pouches on your right hand side. 


The (2) Glock (2) 5.56 Magazine Carrier is an elastic and Velcro™ based carrier that holds (2) Glock magazines and (2) 5.56 magazines. With a Velcro™ hook backing, this should fit most plate carriers and chest rigs that use Velcro™, While not giving as much static retention as an Esstac or other kydex based carriers, this is a less expensive option that still provides enough retention for most activities yet still giving quick access to the magazines.

All Components are 100% Made in the USA. 

Made with Mil-Spec 500d Cordura, Mil Spec 17337 nylon webbing, Mil-Spec #69 bonded nylon thread, Velcro™ hook and loop, and Mil-Spec 4" woven nylon elastic.

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